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I started to work in the field of fluid inclusions (FIs) applied to the study of geothermal fields as part of my dissertation for the Laurea in Geology. Afterward I extended my interests to petrology, in particular to the application of fluid and melt inclusions (MIs) to the study of volcanic processes. As part of my PhD research project I used MIs as a tool to investigate the petrogenesis of the alkaline, Si-undersaturated magmas, typical of some Italian volcanism. Since a good knowledge of this explosive type of volcanism requires the definition and constraining of volatiles behaviour (without which the construction of realistic models of explosive volcanoes is seriously hindered), I also attempted a study of the effects of F on the phonolitic system using synthetic composition and conducting experiments with sealed platinum capsules at high temperature and atmospheric pressure. This system satisfactorily represents, albeit in a simplified way, some of the alkaline, Si-undersaturated magmas that can be found inItaly. After a recent and rewarding experience in the field of Environmental Geochemistry and Geochemical Mapping, I returned to work on petrology and to MIs. The focus of my work is: 1) Thermodynamic Modelling of magma evolution using MIs compositions as starting point; 2) Use of advanced analytical techniques to determine FIs and MIs composition (namely LA-ICP MS); 3) Investigation of MIs syn-entrapment modification (i.e. boundary layer problem) through use of LA-ICP MS. This prompted me to accept the position at the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech, an unique possibility brought me back to Virginia Tech and accept the responsibility of running a Laser Ablation system.

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